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Hello and happy Wednesday!

I’ve been more absent from the blog these past couple of months, particularly in August, and I promise I have a good reason for it! I’ve been hard at work on several projects lately.

And speaking of which, I’m super excited to hop on the blog today and share some publishing news! We have two announcements today – one a little bit older, and the other a long-awaited one.

Let’s get right to them!

The Toymaker’s Doll is now a paperback!

Yes, that’s right! You can now find The Toymaker’s Doll on Amazon as either an ebook or a cute little paperback! If you’d like, you can head here to check it out.

The Toymaker’s Doll first released in December of 2021 as an ebook only, and that’s all I thought it would ever be. I still entertain ideas of making it into an illustrated children’s book at some point, but I knew that would still be years down the road. Plus, it’s a short story, and does anyone buy paperback short stories?

Fast forward to June of this year, and the mood struck me one day to just get it out there. If nothing else, selfishly, I would like to have a physical copy of my first-ever published story. And turns out there have been other people that were also glad at the opportunity, which has made me so happy to see!

So if you’re one of those people that would like to have a copy of The Toymaker’s Doll to read when times are tough, or to some young people in your life (my young siblings and cousins enjoy it!), you can find that over at Amazon. At under 10,000 words, it’s a cute and easy read.

(And of course, it remains as an ebook as well, if that’s more your style.)

And secondly, the announcement I’m most excited to make regards the novel I’ve been promising I’m going to publish for about five years now . . . if you’ve stuck with me this long, you are incredibly patient and I’m amazed!

You guessed it!

Cabin Girl is coming to Amazon on September 18th, 2023!

Cabin Girl is book one of The Secretive Seas series!

In honor of Read a New Book Month, Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the five year anniversary of me starting to write this story, Cabin Girl‘s official release is this coming September – specifically the 18th, meaning launch day is almost exactly one month away!

Cabin Girl is the novel that spurred on my writing and publishing journey, and it’s changed and grown as my writing ability has. Finally, I’m at a place where I feel (and others have confirmed) that the story is solid and I’m settling into a style as a writer. This has been so long in the making, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Coming in at about 82,000 words, Cabin Girl is a YA pirate adventure novel with a focus on family, faith, and finding the courage to trust God, even when life is at its worst. Here’s the shorter synopsis for your viewing pleasure:

Sickness. Sharks. Sabotage. Secrecy.

In the rolling hills of 1600’s Ireland, young Éirinn O’Connell learns all she can of medicine, struggling to care for her starving family—until the night Barbary pirates raid her village, and she’s dragged from the only home she’s ever known.

Set on a course to the slave markets of Morocco, and amidst a crew as turbulent as the ocean around her, Éirinn searches for a way home. But who can she trust? And how will she survive the Captain’s constant torment? Éirinn soon discovers the danger in trusting appearances and learns that it’s never too late for a second chance.

Even for the unlikeliest of people.

If that sounds like your kind of story, I hope you’ll stay tuned for September!

And if you’re an avid reader, reviewer, or blogger, and would like to be part of the launch activities, including but not limited to: receiving an ARC copy, leaving reviews, posting to share the word, and participating in the blog tour, please reach out to me as soon as you can!

In fact, here’s a handy dandy Google form for you to fill out if you’re interested! Just click RIGHT HERE. I would absolutely love for you to take part!

Once again, thank you so much for all of the support and encouragement in this process. This is going to be another fun adventure to release Cabin Girl into the world, and I look forward to keeping you in the loop as we move forward!

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8 thoughts on “Publishing News!

  1. Ooo, how exciting, Bella! I published a paperback version of my short story (also under 10k words, and people loved it, so yeah, I’d totally buy yours too!) Anywho, a big congrats on your upcoming release! It looks exciting (I’ll have to tell my friend; she loves high sea adventures with pirates and female heroines lol.)

    1. Oh, wonderful! Congratulations, that must be exciting! It’s good to know others have done it and thought it was worthwhile 🙂

      And thank you very much! That sounds great! She might enjoy this one then, so thanks for sharing the word 😉

      1. Thanks; and congrats on publishing your short story in paperback too! Now I need to get it for my shelf and line it up with all our other books lol.

  2. *screams* AHHH I’M JUST SO EXCITED FOR THIS, BELLA!!!!! I cannot wait to read this!! I signed up for the blog tour too. I’ll be counting the days till release day!

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