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Explore the exciting worlds, memorable characters, and page-turning adventures in every one of E. G. Bella’s published works.

The Toymaker’s Doll

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“I would like to believe you, sir,” Jane said, her eyes full of tears. “But how can I? All my life I have been told my limp, my scuff, my fear are mistakes. I have been told that they weaken me. But you’re telling me they are good things. How can I know for sure?”

The Toymaker laughed, not a laugh of derision or scorn, but of delight and love. Supporting her by her hands, he helped her to stand. “Look at me, precious one. Would I lie to you?”

Jane looked deep into the Toymaker’s warm eyes and shook her head. “No, I don’t believe so,” she said.

A touching tale of perseverance, love, and purpose.

Cabin Girl

Coming to Amazon
Early 2022

“But, Captain…” The pirate hesitates. “What about bad luck?”

The Captain snorts. “I’ll work the wench so hard, she won’t have strength to cause trouble. The Eye won’t be jinxed by a female while I’m captain!”

He shoves me around to face the crew, and cheers and chortles surge.

“Men,” he says, his voice booming. “Meet our new cabin girl!”

A riveting tale of family, faith, and redemption.


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