Other Writing

Experience the wide variety of genres, compelling plots, and touching themes in E. G. Bella’s other written works: short stories, flash fiction, and poetry.

Bacon Sandwiches

Style: Flash Fiction

Wordcount: 437 words

Genre: Contemporary

Tagline: A girl wrestles with the loss of her father.

One Step Away

Style: Short Story

Wordcount: 1,030 words

Genre: Contemporary

Tagline: A boy discovers the power of a father’s love. (Inspired by Casting Crown’s song, One Step Away).

Christmas Dragon

Style: Short Story

Wordcount: 3,237 words

Genre: Contemporary

Tagline: A white elephant gift exchange does not go as planned for a snarky college kid.

Before the Mirror Broke

Style: Short Story

Wordcount: 1,914 words

Genre: Contemporary/fantasy

Tagline: Trapped inside a mirror, a girl with healing powers finds herself friends with a dying child.

Not the Wind

Style: Short Story

Wordcount: 1,746 words

Genre: Contemporary

Tagline: A boy investigates the troubling case of the girl in the apartment above him.

(Inspired by the song, Must Have Been the Wind by Alec Benjamin. Found, here.)

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