Fellow Author Cover Reveal: Heart of Fire

Hello and happy Wednesday!

I’m delighted to share a special cover reveal today! Friend and prolific author Raina Nightingale is releasing a brand new book, Heart of Fire (the first in its series), in a couple of months, and today is the cover reveal!

(If you recall, I also got to take part in the cover reveal for another one of her books last year, right here.)

First off, let’s have a glimpse at the fun person that Raina is!

Raina Nightingale has been writing fantasy since she could write stories with the words she could read (the same time that she started devouring books, too). Now she writes “slice of life” and epic dawndark fantasy, for fiction lovers interested in rich world-building, characters who feel like real people, and religious experiences.

Raina thinks giant balls floating in space can have the same magic that fairytales teach us to look for in oak trees and stars. However, she has a lot of universes and while not all of them have giant balls floating in space, most of them have dragons of one sort or another!

And now, onto the upcoming release’s synopsis!


Camilla has always been told that humans are inferior. They cannot use magic. If they bond to dragons, they will doom the creatures to extinction. She has never believed a word of it. She has always known that she can use magic, and she suspects it is the elves who harm the dragons by keeping them to themselves. Now, she is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: a dragon’s clutch is hatching and while she will earn the wrath of her captors if she is caught, she has the chance to see a dragon hatch and perhaps even to Recognize.

Kario’s people have feared dragons since time immemorial. When an unrealistically huge black dragon flies in while she is hunting, she is certain she will die. Instead, her life is changed when Nelexi, Obsidian Guardian of Areaer, chooses her as her final rider. Kario takes the name Flameheart, but she is soon homesick and afraid that she is insufficient to be the partner of a god.

And finally…the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Here is the amazing illustrated cover!

I love how much drama and tension the art portrays!

Raina always amazes me with her art for her book covers, and how perfectly they seem to fit the story. Here’s the full paperback wrap-around as well!

Heart of Fire releases on April 16th, 2023 but you can pre-order the ebook and/or paperback on your preferred platform following this link!

So if you’re a fan of high-fantasy, dragons, deep themes, and intriguing characters, I highly recommend you check out Raina’s books! She’s a devoted writer and talented storyteller, and I’m very excited for her newest release.

You can find Raina (and information about her other published works) on her website, here, or by visiting her twitter, here.

Congratulations on your upcoming release, Raina!

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