My Favorite Friendships in Fiction

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Friends are wonderful – to state the obvious. We enjoy having true friends that understand us, are there for us, will laugh and have fun with us, and will remain trustworthy and caring. Granted, it’s often tricky to find those friends, but once we do, they’re true treasures.

I also enjoy discovering those kinds of friendships in fiction – in books, shows, and movies. Many of my ideas of true friends came from stories that I took in when I was younger. And thankfully, most of them were actually accurate representations of what good friends should be like. Not all stories give good examples to look up to, of course, but many do.

And that’s what I wanted to share today. I thought it’d be a fun chance to look at some of my favorite fictional friendships. Ones that I’ve enjoyed reading about or watching over the years. There’s no such thing as a perfect friendship, but my favorites are the ones that are real, and either are inspiring from the beginning, or reach that point after character growth.

There are so many great friendships from fiction, and I had a tough time choosing ten favorites. My story intake is extremely varied – in all kinds of media and genres – and I’m not sure whether some of them will be recognizable, so let me know if you like any of these friendships as well! I’d love to know if you’ve read or watched any of these stories too.

And for the sake of narrowing it down, I chose not to include any romantic relationships (the truly good ones are based on friendship after all), or mentor/student relationships (even though there are many friendships that would also fall into that category as well). I focused instead on peer friendships; ones that are similar in age, position, and interests.

So with that said, some of my favorite fictional friendships are…

Jess and Leslie (from Bridge to Terabithia)

This was one of the first ‘older kid’ books that I ever read, and I remember finding Jess and Leslie’s friendship inspiring. The whole book brings out a lot of emotions for me, just because of how real it is. The emotions, the depth of the relationships, the hardships…I liked the complicated nature of Jess and Leslie’s friendship, and how close they grew. And all the ways that their friendship continued to influence Jess later on was touching.

Eep and Dawn (from Croods: A New Age)

I’m not sure how well-known this one is, but it was a pleasant surprise for me! When Dawn appeared in the story, I was fully prepared for the start of a stereotypical rivalry between the two teen girls over one boy. Instead, they bonded instantly, and spent the rest of the movie being great friends (maybe not the best influences on each other, but still…good friends). I really enjoyed the twist, and getting to see such a wholesome friendship.

Mandie and Celia (from the Mandie series)

It’s been years since I read this series, but I remember always liking Mandie and Celia’s friendship. They were such sweet friends to one another, supporting and helping each other through difficult situations. Mandie had a lot of other friends through the books, but Celia stood out to me as one of the truest. Not that their friendship was perfect, but they did their best, and young me wished for a friend like Celia.

Bruno and Shmuel (from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas)

This is another emotional one. I know the book is controversial for its accuracy (or lack of it?), but the friendship between these boys touched me. They were so young, and didn’t see their differences as negative, the way that the people around them did. They were just two boys, and two friends. The sad contrast between Shmuel’s maturity because of what he’d been through, and the complete innocence of Bruno due to his upbringing was powerful.

Mike and Sully (from Monsters Inc.)

Mike and Sully’s friendship makes me smile. They may drive each other insane with their antics and sometimes let each other down, but when the time comes, they’re always there for the other person – er, monster. I liked seeing how different they were, and how they balanced each other out, and yet, their passions, hearts, and senses of humor drew them together. It may be a kid’s movie, but I enjoy their realistic example of friendship.

Han Solo and Chewbacca (from Star Wars)

Another friendship where both parties balance each other out well! Han’s recklessness, spunk, and stubborn nature, are perfectly countered by Chewbacca’s loyal, usually more level-headed (yet also spunky) personality. I suspect Chewbacca wouldn’t get into nearly as much trouble on his own, but I love that he’s willing to jump into anything for Han. The dynamic between the two often makes me laugh, and they do make a great team.

Anakin and Captain Rex (from Star Wars: The Clone Wars)

Here’s another of my favorite from Star Wars. Supposedly Anakin holds rank over Captain Rex, but I’ve always liked that you can hardly tell. Rex is loyal and respectful to Anakin, but rather than take advantage of rank, the two treat one another as peers, equals, and most of all, as friends. They also make a great team, and work together very well. And of course, their banter is top-notch. I try not to think about everything that happens later on…

Merry and Pippin (from The Lord of the Rings)

What post on great fictional friendships would be complete without these two? They are another pair with incredible loyalty, and I love how they’re always there for each other, no matter what. The two went through so many trials, and it only made their friendship stronger. Merry’s level-headedness and Pippin’s adventurousness might lead to them driving each other crazy sometimes, but it also means they balance each other well.

Frodo and Sam (from The Lord of the Rings)

Yet another Lord of the Rings example! This one is more complicated for me, as I’ve always found Frodo to be a bit annoying at times. But Sam is an absolutely incredible, loyal friend to him, and I know there’s no way Frodo would have succeeded on his journey without Sam. What makes it funny is that my boyfriend and I have the same personality types as Sam and Frodo, respectively, and it’s very accurate – yes, even the sometimes annoying part, haha.

Thomas and Newt (from The Maze Runner)

Again, I’m not much of a fan of Thomas from this series, but Newt has always been my favorite. And together, they make a good team. I think Thomas’s impulsiveness and courage help draw Newt from his depression and hesitation when needed, and Newt’s maturity and experience keep Thomas alive, haha. I refuse to think about later events regarding Newt (particularly in the books), but I enjoy their friendship in the first book especially.

Well, those are some of my favorite fictional friendships! There are so many heartwarming, inspiring, and/or amusing friendships to be found in books or movies, and those are just a few of the ones that always make me smile. Thanks for joining me as I talked about them!

What are some of your favorite friendships from books or movies? What draws you to them? I’d love to hear about them, so feel free to let me know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “My Favorite Friendships in Fiction

  1. One of my favorite fictional friendships ever (recently discovered, in fact) is Beatriz and Laude from Unbetrothed by Candice Yamnitz. It was just so beautiful to see their connection develop throughout the story!

    1. Ooh, thank you for sharing! I’ve never heard of that story, but I will look it up. I always enjoy reading about beautiful and well-done friendships. 🙂

  2. Ohhh yes I second the Sam and Frodo, Merry and Pippin, and Hans and Chewbacca friendships!!! 😀 And no way about you and your boyfriend having the same personality types as Sam and Frodo! 😂 Which is which? (And would that be INFP and ISFJ, or Enneagram 4 and 6? Sorry, I’m very into personality types. XD)

    1. Haha, no worries at all! I am too (which is why I even knew this xD). I’m the same as Frodo (INFP) and he’s the same as Sam (ISFJ). I haven’t looked into the Enneagram as deeply, but I believe I’m a 2. What about yourself?

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