The “I’ll Get Around to It Later” Blog Tag

Happy Friday!

Yes, I’m back with yet another short and entertaining blog tag! This one was recently created by Liesl Brunner over at Quote, Unquote, and it looked too fun to pass up.

As you can tell from the title, this tag is centered around things I mean to get around to at some point – specifically books. And boy, do I have plenty of those that I’d like to read some day.

Let’s jump in!

First, the rules:

  • Link back to the original post at Quote, Unquote so the creator can read your answers. (Her post is right here!)
  • Link back to the post of the person who tagged you and thank them. (Liesl left her tag open, so I nominated myself, haha. Thanks for keeping it open, Liesl!)
  • You may use the included graphic anywhere in your post, but you don’t have to. (See below)
  • Fill all seven categories.
  • You can either leave this tag open so anyone can do it or tag up to seven people.
Here’s the lovely tag graphic!

And now for the categories

1. A classic book that you have been meaning to read forever but haven’t yet

I’m going to have to say The Count of Monte Cristo for this one. It’s just so huge! I’ve started it several times, but haven’t gotten invested in the story yet, and also haven’t had the grit to push through and finish it anyway. It’s on my book ‘bucket list’, but I’m not sure when I’ll finally decide to try again.

2. A book on your shelf that you haven’t read yet

Hmm, I’ll say Unblemished by Sara Ella. I’ve had this one for a little while, and just haven’t read it yet. It does look interesting though, and from what I keep being told, it’s a good one, so I’m excited to get to it – hopefully soon! And even if the stories aren’t my usual reads of choice, I’m always eager to try out books by fellow Christian authors!

3. A book that you got recently that you haven’t read

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one, and as someone who enjoys (well-written) historical fiction, the World War II setting intrigues me. I found it at a local thrift shop recently, but it hasn’t made it to the top of my reading priority list yet. On a somewhat unrelated note, I really love the cover too!

4. A book that you’ve had forever but haven’t read

The Giver by Lois Lowry. I know, I know, this is considered a classic, and in my defense, I’ve started it! But, confession: my attention span is very short, and if a story doesn’t get me invested quickly and I have a lot of other books on my TBR list, then I’ll usually just stop and come back to it later when I have interest again. So far, this has been one of those books. But it is on my list for 2022, and I do want to read the whole thing soon!

5. A book a friend recommended that you haven’t read

Lest Innocent Blood Be Shed by Philip Hallie. The only reason I haven’t read this one yet is because I don’t own it, and I’m trying not to let myself get any more new books until I’ve read all the ones I have (with rare exceptions). But I’m excited to get to it at some point! The premise is super intriguing, and it’s also set in World War II, which is a period of history I like learning about. Thanks for the recommendation, friend (you know who you are)!

6. A book you’re procrastinating on

Don’t hate me…but I have to say, The Lord of the Rings (by J. R. R. Tolkien). No, I haven’t read that series yet. I’ve seen the movies and love the stories, but each time I’ve tried to read the books, I only get partway in and then lose interest (my short attention span strikes again). I’m determined to get through all the books the next time though, so I’m currently procrastinating until I have the time to commit to going straight through the entire series.

7. The next book on your TBR

A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes. Last month, I read the first book and really enjoyed it (so far, every book I’ve read by Nadine has made it onto my favorite books list), and I’m excited to dive into this second installment of the series. It definitely has me hooked! Also, I have several beta-reading projects that I’m working on for fellow authors right now, so my reading of other books has slowed down. I’m enjoying all those stories!

This was a lot of fun! And it’s also made me want to read more again… There are so many books I’d like to get through soon. Thank you again for creating this tag, Liesl!

Instead of nominating anyone specific, I’m going to leave this tag open for anybody who would like to do it! So how would YOU answer these questions? Have you read any of the books I mentioned? If so, what did you think? I’d love to find out, so feel free to let me know on your own blog, or in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “The “I’ll Get Around to It Later” Blog Tag

  1. Lol. I have short attention span too. But even my whole family hasn’t gone through all the books in the Lord of The Rings. You’re a brave soul to tackle it!
    (by the way, The Giver is one of my favorite MG dystopian books; which reminds me that I need to reread it soon XD.)

  2. Haha, LOTR is amazing, but it IS easy to lose interest with the long descriptions and all that, lol!! (Oo, I also want to read All the Light We Cannot See! I got it from the library but already had so many other books I never got around to actually reading it.)

  3. This tag sums up my life right now.

    And, MAN! I still remember the days Unblemished was sitting there, yet unread, upon my shelf… I’m so glad I finally read it!!! You’re gonna love it, girl!! 😄

  4. I’ve read The Giver. It’s pretty insightful in my opinion. Very good for a dystopia novel, with real characters.

    I can definitely understand procrastinating on The Lord of the Rings. It was one of the first adult (or YA) fantasies I got to read, so I thought it was pretty good then, but looking back on it, I’m not that fond of it. I don’t think I’d be able to get into it now, unless I had nothing else to read.

    1. That’s so good to know! I’m looking forward to reading it.

      I really appreciate hearing that! It’s interesting to hear everyone’s different opinions on LOTR. It actually makes me feel better to know there are other people that may enjoy and respect the story, but aren’t necessarily huge fans of the books themselves.

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