The Single Line Story Challenge (Take 2!)

Happy Friday!

You may remember this fun challenge from when I did it back on Thanksgiving (you can find that post, here). Well, I was recently tagged again by Joy C. Woodbury over at Discipleship with Joy. You can find her post, with her excellently-written stories, here.

There are so many genres to choose from, and as I only got through five of them last time, I’m excited for the chance to try out five more! Jumping from genre to genre in such a short amount of words is difficult, but I enjoy the challenge. And it’s a chance to write fiction, haha!

First of all, here are the rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (Thank you, Joy!)
  2. . Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):
    (I’ve crossed out the ones I did last time, and bolded the ones I’m doing now).
    • fantasy
    • romance
    • thriller
    • mystery
    • western
    • contemporary
    • historical
    • drama
    • dystopian
    • adventure
    • sci-fi
    • paranormal
    • young adult
  3. You can choose 5 genres that’re easiest for you, or you can challenge yourself to try something new!
  4. Nominate 5 blogger/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!
  5. You can do this challenge more than once. (Which is why I’m here again, haha)


(I’ve always enjoyed a well-crafted mystery, but I’ve never been able to write one myself. How hard can one sentence be? *suspects I’ll soon regret saying this*)

And then it clicked, memories like fragments of glass rushing back together – until they formed a face Sarah should never have forgotten.


(I’ve also never written a western before, but it’s another genre I’d love to try some time. Would I want to use a bunch of cheesy clichés? Most likely, yes, as you’ll see below.)

“See, that’s the funny thing about y’all,” the man said, tugging the brim of his hat so it shaded his eyes. “Ya never recognize danger, even when it’s standin’ right in front of them eyes of yours.”


(Aside from all the research it needs, I enjoy writing historical fiction, and have written the most novels of this genre before. There are so many options for settings! The line below is actually one from a Civil War-era novel I started last year. )

Susannah curtsies, her stained apron curling around her skirts. “Breakfast is ready in the dining room, miss. Your siblings are there already.”


(Now, maybe it has something to do with living in a world that feels awfully dystopian now, but I’ve really been getting into this genre lately. I’m currently about halfway through writing one of my own, which is where the below excerpt comes from…)

“What if the Harvesters came right now? What would you do?” Dylan motions at me, glancing up and down my hunched frame. “You know perfectly well you couldn’t run like this, much less help Chloe escape. And I can’t carry you both.”


(As much as I would love to write a sci-fi some day, worldbuilding has never been my strong suit, and I’m not sure I could handle all the futuristic brainstorming I’d need to do. I enjoy reading other people’s science fiction stories though!)

Xeg gripped the window frame of the shuttle and narrowed his eyes at the watery planet below, the icy glint in his gaze sending chills down my spine.

Well, thank you for joining me again on this neat challenge! These tiny stories are surprisingly fun to come up with, and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I liked writing them.

I’d like to tag:
1. Raina Nightingale
2. Maribeth Barber
3. Kate Willis
4. JadeSky
5. Miles Lawson

And YOU, if you’d like to join! I’d love to read the stories you can come up with, so feel free to share them on your own blog or in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “The Single Line Story Challenge (Take 2!)

  1. Oooh, amazing job on all of them!!! Haha, the one that felt most vivid to me was the western one, actually! (Probably because of how you snuck in his accent. I just love it.) 😀 Wow, that sci-fi one sent chills down MY spine. 😉 Lol yes, futuristic brainstorming… that would be quite a task.

  2. Thanks for doing the challenge! Loved your sentences.
    I love historical fiction, too! It truly is one of the best genres. And as for the Civil War time period, have you read Engraved on the Heart by Tara Johnson? It’s my favorite Civil War fiction novel I’ve ever read, and I highly recommend it!

    1. Thank you – I appreciate you tagging me! 🙂 And no, I haven’t read Engraved on the Heart before, but it’s now on my Goodreads TBR, haha. I’m always eager to find other good reads, and the Civil War is a historical era that always intrigues me. Thank you for the recommendation!

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