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Music is not something I typically talk much about in my posts. Most of my content is centered around reading, writing, books, and publishing, with some random reflections on life thrown in. However, when I saw this tag on Maribeth Barber’s site, I couldn’t resist hopping in.

I’m also not sure why I don’t talk about music more. Music has played such a huge part in my life, and there’s rarely a time when I’m not singing to myself, humming, listening to music (and trying to harmonize with it), or simply putting up with the tune in my mind that’s played at least forty times that day.

In my experience, music – like story – has such power to touch hearts, and that’s why I love them both. Such gifts from God!

I started listening to Spotify in February of this year, but didn’t actually get serious about branching out and creating playlists for each of my writing projects (and listening to them consistently) until this fall. Before that, I mostly just listened to the same songs sporadically, and it shows in my Wrapped results, haha! I’m looking forward to finding more variety next year.


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You should definitely go check out Maribeth’s site!

And now for the questions . . .

What was your #1 song of the year?

I Feel Pretty by Hanna Hewson (53 times).

Fun story: this song was the whole reason I got Spotify. It’s by a friend of mine, and Spotify was the only place I could listen to it. So, this was the only song I listened to for a while before I branched out. It’s a good one, and I definitely recommend it! A great reminder not to judge ourselves by the world’s standard of beauty, but to instead trust how God made us.

What were your other top songs of the year?

Tiny Voice by Lexi Walker, Speechless by Naomi Scott, Strange Sight by KT Tunstall, and Friendship Song, by Brennley Brown.

Like I said, once I found a song I liked, it typically stayed on repeat for a while, haha. And these songs were all either great upbeat ones to have in the background while editing/formatting, etc. or good mood music for certain short stories I was writing.

Which song will play as you defeat an ancient vengeful spirit?

This question wasn’t included in my Wrapped, but I’m going to say Glow in the Dark by Jason Gray (which was my top #7 song). It feels appropriate, and it’s one of my very favorites.

Which song will be playing as you score the game-winning point at the buzzer?

Me Without You, by TobyMac.

This seems pretty accurate, haha! This wasn’t actually one of Maribeth’s questions, but it appeared in my stats anyway and I wanted to share it.

Which song will play as you face-off against your rival dance crew?

Better When I’m Dancin’ by Meghan Trainor.

I’ll be honest, this was one of my top songs to play during my workouts. It’s just so upbeat, and it’s almost impossible not to smile at some point during it. And yes, it’d probably be perfect for a dance-off, haha.

Which song will play as you proclaim your love in the rain?

This one wasn’t in my Wrapped either, but I’m going to say When You’re With Me by the Afters. It’s such a sweet and sappy song, and I think it’d be perfect for that situation.

How many minutes did you spend listening to Spotify?

8,358 minutes, which is apparently more than 55% of other listeners in the United States.

Considering my listening was pretty sporadic most the year (on Spotify; I listen to our local Christian radio station a lot), I’m pretty pleasantly surprised with this amount!

What is your audio aura?

My top music moods were uplifting and courageous.

And yes, this basically sums it up. Though I prefer slower, ‘moodier’ songs when I’m writing (depending on the story setting), more energetic and upbeat songs are best when I’m editing or formatting, and I did a lot of that this year. And plus, what a pretty color!

What were your top podcasts?

So, I haven’t really listened to podcasts much. The only two I’ve listened to so far are The Self-Publishing Show by Mark Dawson, and Write On Cue, both of which I’ve found very helpful. If you’re looking for good writing or self-publishing advice, I recommend both!

How many genres did you listen to this year?


I’m pretty clueless when it comes to music genres, so I didn’t actually realize there were that many! There’s probably many more though, I suppose.

What are your top genres?

CCM (Contemporary Christian Music), Soundtrack, Show Tunes, Pirate, and A cappella.

This is pretty much my music tastes in a nutshell, especially for my writing playlists (I’m looking at you, Pirate genre…).

How many artists did you listen to, and who are your top 5 artists?

I listened to 581 artists this year!

My top one was YoungMin You. His Christian piano instrumentals are just gorgeous, and I listened to 642 minutes of them, with my most-listened track being Reckless Love.

My following top four artists were James Newton Howard (movie scores), Josh Wilson (Christian artist), MercyMe (Christian group), and Ben Platt (yes, I may have discovered Dear Evan Hansen this summer, and the emotion in his voice is incredible to me).

So, in summary:

My 2021 Music Stats!

Well, thanks for joining me for this fun tag! I’ve really enjoyed answering these musical questions, and would love to hear your answers! If you’re reading this, consider yourself tagged (and feel free to adapt the questions for your situation)!

So, what have YOU been listening to this year? What are some of your favorite songs? I’d love to hear from you, so let me know your thoughts on your own blog, or in the comments below!

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