The Single Line Story Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today brings another fun activity – this one a little bit different and a lot shorter than my usual blog tags. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving, except that I’m thankful I stumbled across it! I found it over on Akshita’s page, and as it looked interesting and she also left the nominations open, I’ve stolen it to use for today’s post haha.

I’m the kind of author that likes to jump from genre to genre with every story, so this challenge sounded just about perfect. Not that I’m good in writing every genre, but I do enjoy it, so this should be fun!

The snazzy challenge graphic!

First off, the rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you. (Though I wasn’t technically nominated, thank you, Akshita!)
  • Write 5 single line stories that fall under any of these genres (you can pick which ones you do!):
    • fantasy (I’ll do this one)
    • romance (this too)
    • thriller (oh, and this)
    • mystery
    • western
    • contemporary (why not this one)
    • historical
    • drama
    • dystopian
    • adventure (never can go wrong with this)
    • sci-fi
    • paranormal
    • young adult
  • You can choose 5 genres that’s easiest for you, or you can challenge yourself to try something new!
  • Nominate 5 blogger/writers who you’d love to see participate and leave an open nomination for all writers!
  • You can do this challenge more than once.


(I’ve written several fantasy novels, but have yet to finish one that’d be considered high-fantasy, like the below sentence would probably be.)

And now they’d reached the moment everything rested upon: the Choosing of the Crown, the hour the star was to die – and the very last time Kryllis would ever see her brother.


(I haven’t written any romance before and am not usually a fan of the romance genre as a whole. However, I do appreciate it as a well-done subplot.)

Not until she’d returned home, after the sunset fell and her frantic pulse calmed, did she realize…he really wasn’t so bad after all.


(I wrote one of these in January, and will admit that they’re fun. Not fond of thrillers that turn into horror, but I like the suspense and tension of this genre otherwise.)

Instead, she screamed.


(I’ve only started contemporary stories before, but hope to write several in coming years.)

If I’d have known I’d be spending the night in a library, with a black eye, Ugg boots that aren’t mine, and seven green paperclips chained around my wrist, I’d at least have remembered to charge my phone.


(This is the genre I’ve written in most, particularly medieval adventure.)

With a bone-rattling roar, the dragon thundered toward me, wisps of smoke curling from his nostrils.

Well, thank you for joining me on this fun, experimental challenge! I really enjoyed coming up with these tiny stories, and I hope you enjoyed reading through them as well.

I’d like to tag:
1. Kristianne at Whimsical Wanderings
2. Vanessa Hall
3. Kristina Hall
4. Grace Johnson
5. Jordyn at Indie Edits by J

However, if I haven’t tagged you, still consider yourself tagged (confusing I know)! I’d love to see you do this challenge, so if you’re interested, whether on your own blog or in the comments below, I look forward to hearing from you and reading YOUR stories!

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21 thoughts on “The Single Line Story Challenge

  1. Here are the rest of my one-liners: Mystery: Sitting back, I scratched my head, I tried to piece together the clues but why won’t they fit? this one gave me a great idea to have a teenage mystery. Maybe even do a small town-type setting that’s set in the present time. I can also do 1st person type with diary/journal entries. 🙂
    Contemporary/fantasy: Since this is a mixture I’m going to call it 2. I’m planning on having 2 story lines that don’t seem to fit at all intersect. Hope y’all don’t mind. It’ll be set in the present world and time for the most part and it’ll definitely be a series. 1 Liner (for each story line): The dragon sneered at me, “the King would never allow you in the Kingdom because of that little white lie you told last week, never!” (The whole book is based on the Giant Killer from Lamplighter Theatre [I put my own spin on it). My second story line 1 Liner: I group texted my friends: I’m not going to be able to come back to school, long story. (Again, I’m bad at 1 liners, sorry. I’m sure it will be better once I get farther into the series [this book is also based on The Silent by Rebecca Kennedy, It’s an amazing thriller book. This book won’t be a thriller but I’m doing a teen school/college series based on the book)
    And lastly Thriller: Mikayla’s dad ran as fast as he could, he had to get away from his adversary, “I should have stayed in the witness protection program,” he thought. (This book will be about a girl named Mikayla who’s father is with the FBI. I’m hoping it’ll be a standalone book but we’ll see. lol [I have a habit of turning standalones or short stories into series’])

    1. Awesome, these were so fun to read! Thank you for doing this challenge. You have really great ideas for stories, and I wish you all the best in writing them! (Also, I completely relate, haha. Standalones usually turn into series for me too. It’s fun!) 🙂 Again, thank you so much for joining me in this!

  2. Hi, sorry I’m almost a year late for this! lol. This looked like so much fun so I’m going to do it even though I don’t have a blog. Lol. I can let you all know my one liners through commenting so you know I’m actually doing it. 😉

    1. Haha, I’m so glad you’re joining in! No worries at all about being late to it, better late than never, right? 😉 I’d love to read your stories if you want to comment them!

      1. So I already have a Sci-fi series I’m working on. Here’s my one-liner for book 1: Training for the Olympics was in full swing but no one knew that trouble (with a capital T) would come with it. Sorry about the cheesy sentence (hope you all enjoyed my Music Man reference lol). It’s the best one-liner for my series. It needs some rewriting I know. I’m in the editing process though. It’s set a little over a millennium into the future. 😉 The working title is The Paradise Lie for the whole series. I might change it later. Lying is the main theme. If you have any theme ideas for me I would appreciate it. It’s basically the Olympics with a mind control scheme. 3 teens are the main characters (they’re from different families). Anyway, sorry my 1st 1 liner for my Sci-fi book series took up a lot of space. Oops. Lol. I’ll send another comment with my 4 other 1 liners. I don’t have a 1 liner for book 2 (yet). I’ll probably take this challenge again when I do have one.

      2. Haha, no worries at all, I’m loving to hear about your book. It sounds fascinating! Sci-fi isn’t usually my cup of tea, but I’m super intrigued by your premise, and also love your title 🙂 I also think it sounds like you’ve got a strong start to your theme, with exploring lies and their consequences. Honesty is a great theme to dive into. Now I’m off to read your other lines as well! 🙂

  3. Oh man. This one looks difficult, but like it’s so much fun! You did such a great job with your single-line stories. 🙂 Thanks so much for tagging me! 🙂

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