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What Readers Are Saying About Cabin Girl (Launch Tour: Day 4)

Happy Thursday!

I can’t believe Cabin Girl was already released three days ago! Everything is continuing to go just swimmingly, and every day it makes me smile to see someone talk about this story and launch tour.

To recap, Cabin Girl is now available on Amazon as a both a paperback and an ebook. And right here on my website (with a slightly longer wait time but it comes signed, with two custom bookmarks)!

And we’re on day four of the launch tour, with three more to go! There are more fun posts, and you can find the entire schedule, book details, and giveaway information (with links) below. We’ll get on with the rest of the post after that.

Let’s jump in!

Book Information

Title: Cabin Girl

Series: The Secretive Seas Series

Author: E. G. Bella

Launch Date: September 18th, 2023

Find it on Amazon: click here!

Find it on Goodreads: click here!

Find the signed copies: click here!

Short Summary:

Sickness. Sharks. Sabotage. Secrecy.

In the rolling hills of 1600’s Ireland, young Éirinn O’Connell learns all she can of medicine, struggling to care for her starving family—until the night Barbary pirates raid her village, and she’s dragged from the only home she’s ever known.

Set on a course to the slave markets of Morocco, and amidst a crew as turbulent as the ocean around her, Éirinn searches for a way home. But who can she trust? And how will she survive the Captain’s constant torment? Éirinn soon discovers the danger in trusting appearances and learns that it’s never too late for a second chance.

Even for the unlikeliest of people.

Launch Tour Schedule

Monday, September 18th

Tuesday, September 19th

Wednesday, September 20th

Thursday, September 21st

Friday, September 22nd

Saturday, September 23rd

Sunday, September 24th

Giveaway Information

From September 18th through September 24th, there’s a Cabin Girl themed giveaway! The winners will be contacted and announced September 25th!

Yes, there are prizes for one U.S. winner and one international winner!

Here are the prizes to be won:

U. S. Only:


Take a flip through some of the prize pictures below! (Candles and wallpapers not pictured)

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is go to click THIS LINK.

Good luck and happy entering!

What Readers Are Saying About Cabin Girl

We’re now on day four of working our way through information about Cabin Girl, including giving reasons you may want to read it, and glimpses of some of the major elements in the story. What’s next?

Before I pick up a book, I usually like to hear from other people that have read it, to see whether they enjoyed it or not. What kinds of comments do they have? What did they like? Will I probably like it too?

Reviews are incredibly important for authors. And in particular, indie authors that don’t have a huge marketing budget, rely heavily on reviews to sell books. Books with lots of reviews (even if there are some negative ones mixed in!) sell so much better than books with no reviews.

As readers, not many of us are willing to give some new author a try if no one else has read that book yet. We don’t want to risk our time and money on something we don’t know. What if it’s awful?

That’s where reviews come in. Even if they’re just a line or two, that feedback can be the difference between a potential reader giving our books a shot, or being too wary and passing on by. And whether the reviews are on the marketplace (for me, that would be Amazon), sent directly to the author to be used in posts like this or in marketing materials, or on a review site like Goodreads, they’re all so helpful!

There aren’t many reviews out there for Cabin Girl yet, but in case you haven’t seen the ones that are floating around, I wanted to share some today. Here are a few of them!

(And if you’ve read Cabin Girl, or plan to soon, please consider leaving a review wherever you’re able!)

“The context was intriguing and exciting. [Cabin Girl] had me hooked on page one!

Skyler Bennett (beta reader)

“I rarely read historical fiction that isn’t any way fantasy, but I did enjoy this one. I particularly enjoyed the protagonist, as she is a strong young woman, but one who’s very human and has her vulnerabilities and weaknesses.”

Raina Nightingale

“Cabin Girl is among my favorite novels. E. G. Bella has done an amazing job weaving her characters, plot, and theme into an exciting adventure that showcases the power of faith in the most difficult of circumstances.”

J.F. Michaelis (beta reader)

“Cabin Girl is a wonderful novel, full of pirates, subterfuge, a quest for identity, and poignant redemption. A great read for anyone looking for hope, adventure, or a light in the darkness.”

Rachel Underwood (beta reader)

“E. G. Bella does a superb job of crafting despicable and lovable characters. Her nuances are perfectly captivating and surprising. The story is well thought out, and the plot keeps you guessing. There are characters you will root for forever… I appreciate that you never fully know what the next step is. [Cabin Girl] is a up-all-night, page-turning, on-the-edge-of-your seat work of art. She does a beautiful job of crafting faith, family, and delightful characters.”

Sarah S. (beta reader)

“”I loved this book, especially the interesting relationship between Éirinn and Captain Gills. Once I got started, it was very hard to put down.”

J. A. Wood (beta reader)

“E. G. Bella’s debut novel tells a gripping story filled with suspense, emotion, and compelling themes… The plot and setting of this historical-fiction novel are well-drawn and convincing. As she battles the trials of the sea, Éirinn’s internal struggles help endear her to readers, and her continually evolving relationship with Captain Gills adds a unique twist to the narrative. The conclusion is extremely moving, and the themes of redemption, kindness, and perseverance are presented wonderfully. With colorful characters, exciting scenes, and emotional depth, Cabin Girl weaves a meaningful tale that is well worth the read.”

Jordyn Hadden, author of The Time Travel Team: The Great Historic Mystery

“…Overall, E.G. Bella’s storytelling captures the monotony of life on a ship with the adventures and dangers that come because it’s a pirate ship with excellence. The plot twists and themes are well developed and her Christian message shines through naturally, never feeling forced. 

My favorite part about Cabin Girl was the characters. Éirinn was a strong but not overly strong female character who was inspiring to watch and relatable to listen to. I could feel her emotions and her reactions to situations are both human and heroic. Captain Gills made me shudder and smile, laugh and cry, cringe and wonder. His villainy and humanity were perfectly combined to create the perfect character for the situation. I rarely knew what he would do next or how Éirinn would react to it. As for the other characters, the friends, enemies and everything in between, they never felt one dimensional or like they only existed to bring a certain plot point or emotion to a scene. They were all real people, living their lives and their stories even when not on scene. In conclusion, Cabin Girl is an excellent book for readers of all ages, but I would especially recommend it for pre teens, teens, and young adults who love historical action adventure.

S. K. Jacklyn, author and blogger

“I just received this book, and the cover illustration is beautiful. I am only a few pages in, but I am already hooked by the characters and setting. Love pirates, adventure and faith, so this is a WIN. I am excited to get off work and be able to finish this intriguing tale. The little I have read is leaving me with the desire to just sit and binge read the rest. You will not be disappointed; I am not, and I am only a few pages in. Thank you, E. G. Bella.”

Amazon Review

So thankful for all of this feedback!

I’ll see you tomorrow for more fun facts about Cabin Girl!

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