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Why You Should Read Cabin Girl (Launch Tour: Day 2)

Happy Tuesday!

Cabin Girl has now been out in the wild for a full day, and I’m so excited with how everything is going! Everyone has been so supportive and it means the world to me. Thank you!

To recap, Cabin Girl is now available on Amazon as a both a paperback and an ebook. And right here on my website (with a slightly longer wait time but it comes signed, with two custom bookmarks)!

And the launch tour continues on! We’re on day two, with some more fun posts and interviews, and you can find the entire schedule, book details, and giveaway information (with links) below. Then we’ll get on with the rest of the post.

Let’s jump in!

Book Information

Title: Cabin Girl

Series: The Secretive Seas Series

Author: E. G. Bella

Launch Date: September 18th, 2023

Find it on Amazon: click here!

Find it on Goodreads: click here!

Find the signed copies: click here!

Short Summary:

Sickness. Sharks. Sabotage. Secrecy.

In the rolling hills of 1600’s Ireland, young Éirinn O’Connell learns all she can of medicine, struggling to care for her starving family—until the night Barbary pirates raid her village, and she’s dragged from the only home she’s ever known.

Set on a course to the slave markets of Morocco, and amidst a crew as turbulent as the ocean around her, Éirinn searches for a way home. But who can she trust? And how will she survive the Captain’s constant torment? Éirinn soon discovers the danger in trusting appearances and learns that it’s never too late for a second chance.

Even for the unlikeliest of people.

Launch Tour Schedule

Monday, September 18th

Tuesday, September 19th

Wednesday, September 20th

Thursday, September 21st

Friday, September 22nd

Saturday, September 23rd

Sunday, September 24th

Giveaway Information

This week through the end of September 24th, there’s a Cabin Girl themed giveaway! The winners will be contacted and announced September 25th!

Yes, there are prizes for one U.S. winner and one international winner!

Here are the prizes to be won:

U. S. Only:


Go ahead and take a flip through some of the prize pictures below! (Candles and wallpapers not pictured)

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is go to click THIS LINK.

Good luck and happy entering!

Why You Should Read Cabin Girl

This sounds like a pretty presumptuous blog post, doesn’t it? But I promise it’s not what it sounds like.

I like knowing what kinds of things are in a book. Am I the target audience? Does it have tropes I enjoy? Are the themes ones that I want to fill my head and heart with?

So if you’re like me, don’t worry, because we’re hopefully going to offer some insight for you.

Why should you read Cabin Girl? You should read Cabin Girl, if you enjoy:

Pirate/Nautical Story Settings

This is pretty obvious, but pirates, the ocean, and ships are pretty huge parts of Cabin Girl. In fact, more of the story happens at sea than on land, and most of the characters are pirates or sailors of some sort. So if you usually enjoy stories with a healthy dose of nautical or pirate-y aspects, you’re in luck! You’ll find an assortment of ship and sailing terms, ocean traveling montages, sharks, and more.

Underlying Mystery and Big Plot Twists

While pirates are a huge part of Cabin Girl, it’s not the same kind of pirate story as, say, The Pirates of the Caribbean. The focus is not on mythical quests or treasure hunting, and it’s not set in tropical waters. Instead, the story centers around Barbary pirates, slave traders from Africa that hunt Europe’s coasts. And with that darker tone comes an undercurrent of mystery throughout the novel, naturally leading to some plot twists and big realizations. If you like being kept guessing, this is the type of book for you!

Character-Focused Stories

Again, even as Cabin Girl features less action and adventure, it hones in that much deeper into the characters. The feel and tone of this book is more introspective, and you really get to immerse yourself in the characters’ stories and personalities. That said, there are still plenty of exciting moments, but the primary focus of the story is to stay near enough to the characters to really experience their growth.

Unwilling Mentor Characters

This is one of my favorite tropes, or type of character. You can expect to find an unwilling, grumpy mentor character in Cabin Girl. He may fill the role of teaching the protagonist what she needs to know, but he certainly isn’t happy about it. And as the story continues, he may just learn some valuable lessons as well.

Books That Deal With Tough Topics

Cabin Girl tackles some difficult topics, including slavery, death, depression, previous self-harm, and grief. Losses and incredibly challenging situations come up, and the characters struggle to keep putting one foot in front of the other sometimes. Like real life, it can be messy, painful, and discouraging – and is, more often than not. If you prefer books that are real and honest, this might be one you appreciate.

Prominent Christian Themes

Although there are frequent hardships and tough topics covered in Cabin Girl, the book isn’t depressing. It’s not hopeless, and it doesn’t glorify the darkness the characters experience. Because this is a Christian fiction novel, everything is approached through a Christian viewpoint, through the eyes of the believer protagonist. Despite all the pain involved, this book ultimately offers hope and valuable insight into how those bad things happen in life can be used by God for a greater and amazing purpose.

Animal Companions

There’s an adorable, sweet, and smart furry companion in Cabin Girl, and I’ve been told he’s frequently a favorite character. What book would be complete a loyal and lovable sidekick? This one just happens to have floppy ears and a tail.

So now that we’ve covered why you should read Cabin Girl, what about the reasons you shouldn’t? Well, if you’re not a fan of fiction that contains any of the things we’ve just listed, this may not be the book for you. You can always give it a try, but if you don’t, or try and don’t enjoy it, that’s okay! Not everyone has the same taste in books. But there are certainly plenty of stories to go around and I think that’s great.

If this doesn’t sound like the book for you, but you still want to support Cabin Girl‘s release, there are still plenty of things you can do to help the story reach the target audience. Here are just a few ideas:

With that, thank you for reading this post, and I hope this helped offer a valuable glimpse into Cabin Girl. Stay tuned for even more facts, themes, and reviews going up the rest of this week!

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