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Temporary Blog Hiatus

I’m taking the rest of April off from blogging to focus on ‘Cabin Girl’!

Don’t Forget the Cross

Let’s not forget the reason behind Easter.

The “I’ll Get Around to It Later” Blog Tag

I’m answering some questions about things I’ll get to later…come join me!

How I Plan My Blog Content

Here’s how I come up with ideas for blog posts quickly and easily!

ABC Tag!

I’ve been tagged to write a 26-sentence story, alphabetically!

2022 March Wrap-Up

Here’s what I’ve been up to in March (2022)!

10 Quotes About Failure

Could you use some encouragement regarding failures today?

The Sunshine Blogger Award (#2)

I’m answering some fun, random questions! How would you answer them?

Blogger Recommendations Tag

Here are some of the amazing blogs I’ve been blessed to discover!

Writing Advice: Remember All the Senses (Not Just Sight)

Are you using all of the senses when you write?

The Bookworm’s Tag (Take 2)

I’m participating in the Bookworm’s Tag (again)!

2022 February Wrap-Up

Here’s what I was up to in February (2022)!

The Reading Habits Book Tag

I’m talking about my reading habits in this fun blog tag! What are yours?

Why I’m Glad I Took a Gap Year

I learned a lot by taking a gap year after high school.

The Bookish Blog Tag

I’m talking about some of my favorite bookish things today. Care to join this blog tag?

How (NOT) to Succeed as a Writer

For the writer who thinks they’re stuck enjoying themselves forever – there’s hope.

Writerly Resolutions Blog Tag

I’ve been tagged to answer some questions about my writing goals for 2022! What are yours?

Music While Writing?

Do you listen to music while you write?


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