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Want to get involved? Join Bella’s Street Team!

What Is It?

Bella’s Street Team is a group of individuals dedicated to sharing her writing with the world! Passionate about her stories and willing to creatively spread the word, they’re the driving force behind the promotion of Bella’s works.

What Do They Do?

The ways Bella’s Street Team spread the word about her books is only as limited as their imaginations, but some common activities include:

  • Receiving ARCs (advanced reader copies) of Bella’s latest books to read and review
  • Posting those reviews via Amazon, Goodreads, their own blogs, etc.
  • Sharing Bella’s announcements, blog posts, and reveals via social media
  • Generating interest through social media and/or word of mouth
  • Requesting copies of Bella’s books through their local libraries
  • Offering feedback on story ideas, titles, and covers, character names, and more!

Are There Perks?

As well as being continually thanked and prayed for, members of Bella’s Street Team are the first to know about upcoming stories, announcements, giveaways, cover reveals, blog tours, sales, contests, and other special events! They can take part in as many of these events as they want, and even win special prizes for involvement.

Additionally, they receive exclusive content – such as short stories, printouts, early access to Bella’s books, custom swag, and more. They’ve been known to appear as cameos in her stories, receive shoutouts in her books and blog posts, and give feedback on everything from which story Bella writes next (and characters and plot points within those stories) to promotion strategies. Occasional corny jokes may also appear while conversing with Bella.

Who Can Join?

Regardless of age, platform, or experience, Bella’s Street Team is open to anyone who is passionate about her stories and willing to creatively share them with others.

To apply, simply fill out and submit the form below:

Bella’s Street Team Application

Hope to hear from you soon!

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