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Happy Friday!

I found this tag on KristinKravesBooks, and really liked how different the questions were from a lot of the tags I’ve been doing recently. I’d love to hear how you’d answer these!

What do you like about buying new books?

This sounds cheesy, but probably just the chance to dive into a brand new story! And if it’s a new book as in just came out, I especially like being able to read a story that hasn’t been spoiled for me in any way yet. Being able to be part of the new release hype and be caught totally off-guard by what happens in the plot is a very fun experience to me.

How often do you buy new books?

Not very often at all. Probably 90% of the books that I’ve purchased and that are on my shelves are ones that I got secondhand, either from thrift stores or garage sales, or were passed down from friends or family members. Brand new books, either in condition or because they recently were published, are a special treat and I honestly like it that way.

Bookstore or online book shopping–which do you prefer?

This is a tough one. I like book shopping in person because I like the experience of being able to pick it up, flip through the pages, read a little bit here and there, and just because it’s fun to walk down walls of books.

But online book shopping is really nice as I like being able to read reviews, research more about the book before I buy it, and just for the convenience, getting it quickly and without having to leave my home. Also no one is judging me for the books I get, haha.

I think in general I prefer in-person book shopping, but they both have pros and cons.

Do you have a favorite bookshop?

My local thrift store and Goodwill! I haven’t yet bought a book from an actual bookshop, partially because there’s not one near me, and partially because of how expensive they are. If I do buy new books though, to support favorite authors or just because I can’t wait to read a certain one, I’ll usually get it off Amazon.

Do you preorder books?

Not usually. Like I said, I don’t usually buy books while they’re still new, so I think the only one I’ve actually pre-ordered was Wishtress by Nadine Brandes. At this point, I’ve read all of her other books and have loved each and every one of them, so I figured I could trust that her newest one would be worth it. And it was! It’s my favorite of hers so far!

Do you have a monthly book buying limit?

Nope! Some months I get zero new books, some months I get half a dozen, it just depends on the selection at my local thrift store and how often I let myself visit. Thankfully, the prices are super low there so I don’t have to be too careful about it, but if I’ve built up too much of a collection of books I haven’t read yet, I don’t allow myself to go again until I’ve caught up (unless it’s a special occasion . . . ).

How big is your wishlist?

Oh, too big to list. I don’t keep a complete wishlist anywhere, but just on my Goodreads ‘want to read’ list, I currently have 264 books! And I know I have a few others on my Amazon wishlist, as well as a bunch more in my head that I haven’t jotted down anywhere. I don’t think it will ever be possible to read all the books I’d like too.

Which three books from your wishlist do you wish to own now?

There are so many I could pick, but these are three of my top want-to-reads right now. Very different genres, but all books that I’ve heard a lot of good things about and would like to read for myself some time to see what I think.

Do you have any suggestions for me? I would love to add to my long want-to-read list!

It’s always fun to compare habits and favorites when it comes to books, so please feel free to hop in on this tag! Either on your own blog or in the comments below, how would you answer each of these questions?

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