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What’s On My Bookshelf Tag

Happy Friday!

I’m back again with another fun blog tag from KristinKravesBooks! Though she didn’t officially tag me, I’m continuing my quest through her blog tags page (which you can find here – it’s amazing!), and thought this would be a fun one to do.

I’m also hoping to see some bookish answers from you guys, so please feel free to join me if this tickles your fancy!

The Rules:
– Link back to me so I can see everyone’s answers! (Naty’s Bookshelf)
– Also link back to the person who tagged you!
– Name one book for each category; try not to repeat books to make this more fun!
– Tag at least 5 people

Let’s get started!

A Library Book

Well, I don’t currently have any library books borrowed (I miss the library!), but I do have one on my bookshelf that came from a library indirectly. I found it at my local thrift shop, but it still has the nearby library info on the inside. That’s The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater, one of my favorites due to the engaging storytelling and beautiful writing style.

A Book You Got as a Gift

Operation Lionhearted by Maribeth Barber (Albritton)! My aunt gave this book to me for our secret Santa gift exchange last Christmas, and in the busyness of wedding planning, I still haven’t read it. It’s one of the very next ones on my TBR list though. The author is such a talented and sweet friend! (You should definitely go check out her site . . . right here.)

A Childhood Book

I use to devour books like The Boxcar Children, Mandie, Magic Tree House, and American Girl, but I don’t currently have any of those on my shelf. What I do have is Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson, and while it’s drastically different than the aforementioned books, it was one that I read often in childhood! It was one of the first books that struck me as real.

A Magical Book

I could use Nadine Brandes’ book, Wishtress, for so many of these categories, as it’s one of my favorite novels! In general though, Nadine is amazing at weaving magic through her books that aren’t just stereotypical abracadabra magic. Her magic systems are very unique, fascinating, clean, and never fail to draw me in. Wishtress was one of these wonders!

A Romantic Book

It wasn’t my intention to use Nadine’s books twice in a row, but oh well!

My pick for this one is Romanov by Nadine Brandes. I don’t read many romance books, as there are too many with content I’m uncomfortable with. But this one was such a sweet, well-written historical story centered around the myths of Anastasia Romanov, and included an innocent and touching romance that I thoroughly enjoyed.

A Steamy Book

I was going to say I don’t read or own any steamy books, but I’m going to be honest, I think The Fault In Our Stars by John Green falls under this category, at least by my standards. I read it once, and wasn’t comfortable with much of the content, so I haven’t read it since. However, taking out the icky stuff, the rest of the story hit me hard, so it’s still on my shelf.

An Old Book

I’m going to go with My Utmost For His Highest by Oswald Chambers, originally published in 1924 (almost 100 years ago!). It’s such a powerful collection of Christian devotions, and I enjoy all the wisdom in its pages. Biblical truths are timeless!

A Book that Makes You Happy and/or Laugh

Blank Mastermind by Rosey Mucklestone. Full disclosure, this isn’t what I’d call a comedy story. It definitely has its share of deep themes, dark moments, and difficult plot twists, but the narrative voice of the main character has such wit and character that I find myself smiling often. Supporting characters also have amazing senses of humor. I don’t often laugh out loud while reading, but this novel got me numerous times!

A Book that Makes You Emotional

Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It’s not a particularly sad book, but it is a very powerful illustration of Jesus and what He does for us on a daily basis. Being reminded of those things so vividly always makes me emotional, and so thankful for our Savior!

A Book Whose Ending You Dislike

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials by James Dashner. I’m not going to give spoilers, but fellow fans of the book series understand (the movies are structured very differently but still have many of the same elements). That’s such a painful book to read, every time.

A Book You Wish Had Illustrations

Ooh, quite a few! But I’ll go with Fairest by Gail Carson Levine. Though I believe it’s aimed for more middle-grade readers, I’ve read this story several times and can always picture the unique fairy tale setting so well. I’d love to see illustrations of what the author envisioned the characters and world as. Illustrations would fit in really well with the style of story it is.

A Book or Genre You Love Reading When It’s Raining

Anything. But if I really want to get into the “it’s raining, I must be cozy yet melancholic” mood, I’ll pick up a classic, literary fiction, or dystopian novel. Classic or literary fiction because it just feels right for some reason, as if I’m sitting in my cozy cottage reading the arts, and dystopian because I just love that book genre, haha. Dystopians can be melancholic, right?

Thanks for joining me for this fun tag!

How would you answer these questions? I’d love to see what books you find! Feel free to let me know what’s on your bookshelf on your own blog, or in the comments below!

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