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ABC Tag!

Happy Friday!

Okay, this may be the hardest blog tag/challenge I’ve tried yet. The ABC Tag challenges you to write a story with 26 sentences, each sentence beginning with a letter that’s in alphabetical order to the one before it (…if that makes any sense. Bear with me).

Grace Johnson tagged me for this one recently, and as I’m not one to easily pass up a challenge, I’m going to try it! Might I regret it? The chances are high, yes. But here we go!

The tag graphic!

First, the rules:

And now to attempt the story…

The Surprise

(Genre: contemporary/romance)
(I know, I didn’t expect this genre either, haha)

“About time!” Becky spun to face me, arms crossed, as I stepped into the living room. “Couldn’t you at least have told me you’d be late?”

“Didn’t…didn’t you get my text?” Even angry as she was, I prayed she’d cool down once I revealed the reason behind my lateness. Feeling the small, square bulge in my pocket – and picturing what her reaction would be when I showed it to her – was torture. “Getting home took longer than I expected, I’m sorry. ”

Her shoulders drooped slightly, the only part of her to relax, as her expression remained rigid. “I thought you’d gotten into an accident or something. Just picturing you out there…with who knows what having happened… Kind of hard to focus on anything.”

“Love, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to worry you.” Moving toward her, I reach for her hands and pull them to my face, brushing a light kiss on each of her knuckles. Nerves send butterflies through my stomach. Of course she’ll like the surprise…won’t she?

“Promise next time you’ll call or something, Xavier.” Quiet and trembling, her voice breaks, and she meets my gaze with watering eyes.

Relief floods through me, and I nod and pull her into a hug. She’s not angry any more; she was just worried. That I can help with – by showing her exactly why I took so long getting home. Using my right hand, I reach into my pocket and pull out the small box, stepping away from her. Violet sparkles reflect off the walls as I inch open the box and reveal its contents to her. “Will you forgive me for being late?”

“Xavier,” she whispers, her gaze glued to the locket, “what am I supposed to do with you? You didn’t have to get me a replacement…but of course I forgive you, and is there even a way to show you how much that means to me?”

“Zero…except to put it on and show me that beautiful smile of yours again.”

I’d like to tag:

1. S. K. Jacklyn
2. Jordyn Hadden @ Indie Edits By J
3. Kristina Hall
4. Kristianne Hassman @ Whimsical Wanderings
5. Raina Nightingale @ Enthralled By Love
6. Libby @ Thoughts From a Stumbling Saint
7.…and YOU!

Wow, I don’t even know what just happened with that story, haha. It’s probably even cringier than I think (and I think it’s pretty cringy haha…me writing a contemporary romance drabble?), but at least I managed something! And it was fun too, so that’s a plus of course. Thank you for sticking around and putting up with the scarcely-edited mess! (And for hopefully forgiving my possible cheats with some of the trickier letters…)

What kind of story would you write? If you have a blog and want to participate, consider yourself tagged! Or if you want to give this a shot in the comments below, feel free to. I’d love to read your alphabetical creations!

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