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The Single Line Story Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today brings another fun activity – this one a little bit different and a lot shorter than my usual blog tags. And no, it doesn’t have anything to do with Thanksgiving, except that I’m thankful I stumbled across it! I found it over on Akshita’s page, and as it looked interesting and she also left the nominations open, I’ve stolen it to use for today’s post haha.

I’m the kind of author that likes to jump from genre to genre with every story, so this challenge sounded just about perfect. Not that I’m good in writing every genre, but I do enjoy it, so this should be fun!

The snazzy challenge graphic!

First off, the rules:


(I’ve written several fantasy novels, but have yet to finish one that’d be considered high-fantasy, like the below sentence would probably be.)

And now they’d reached the moment everything rested upon: the Choosing of the Crown, the hour the star was to die – and the very last time Kryllis would ever see her brother.


(I haven’t written any romance before and am not usually a fan of the romance genre as a whole. However, I do appreciate it as a well-done subplot.)

Not until she’d returned home, after the sunset fell and her frantic pulse calmed, did she realize…he really wasn’t so bad after all.


(I wrote one of these in January, and will admit that they’re fun. Not fond of thrillers that turn into horror, but I like the suspense and tension of this genre otherwise.)

Instead, she screamed.


(I’ve only started contemporary stories before, but hope to write several in coming years.)

If I’d have known I’d be spending the night in a library, with a black eye, Ugg boots that aren’t mine, and seven green paperclips chained around my wrist, I’d at least have remembered to charge my phone.


(This is the genre I’ve written in most, particularly medieval adventure.)

With a bone-rattling roar, the dragon thundered toward me, wisps of smoke curling from his nostrils.

Well, thank you for joining me on this fun, experimental challenge! I really enjoyed coming up with these tiny stories, and I hope you enjoyed reading through them as well.

I’d like to tag:
1. Kristianne at Whimsical Wanderings
2. Vanessa Hall
3. Kristina Hall
4. Grace Johnson
5. Jordyn at Indie Edits by J

However, if I haven’t tagged you, still consider yourself tagged (confusing I know)! I’d love to see you do this challenge, so if you’re interested, whether on your own blog or in the comments below, I look forward to hearing from you and reading YOUR stories!

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